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What is an Emergency Services District

Ponderosa Fire Department achieves the Public Protection Class (PPC) rating of 2!

Effective September 1, 2019 the Ponderosa Fire Department (Emergency Services District #28) achieved the Public Protection Class (PPC) rating of 2! This is the Insurance Services Office (ISO) nationwide community fire protection rating system that utilizes water supplies, communications and fire department capabilities that affects most insurance policy costs, and in our case will reduce most insurance rates. You should contact your insurance agent soonest to obtain the savings.

The PPC rating places us in the top 4% of our nation’s fire and rescue agencies. Chief Fred Windisch stated, “We have consistently built our response system with the citizen in mind as our first priority; this rating demonstrates reliability, professionalism and capabilities that are truly the best of the best. Our volunteers, part time and full time paid firefighters always work with the end in mind, Service First.”

The PPC system uses many components evaluating various aspects of the response system. A “10” rating is no fire department and a 1 rating is the highest. The community rating is just that, and our wonderful water districts are very dependable and capable, our Cypress Creek EMS Communications System is second to none, and our fire department meets or exceeds national standards in most categories. The end result is dependable emergency services because when our citizens call 9-1-1 they are having the worst day of their lives.

The boards of directors of the Ponderosa Volunteer Fire Association and Emergency Services District #28 are totally focused on service provisions. These citizens of our community are dedicated to making the right decisions within the resources available. The lists of accomplishments are many; fire stations and equipment are top notch and we have volunteers and paid personnel who are the best people that understand our mission.

Emergency responses continue to increase. This year we will respond to over 2,300 emergencies along with our neighboring agencies in a seamless response system – you will see red trucks and green trucks at emergencies but we know you do not care what color the truck is – you want high quality quick response.

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Thank you for your continued confidence and support since 1972.

Emergency Services District #28 and the Ponderosa Fire Department recently completed construction of Fire Station 63 located at 21455 Imperial Valley, Houston, 77073. The project began with some site work in January 2016 and demolition of the old station occurred in early February 2016. Our firefighters were housed in a mobile home, the fire engine under a canopy, and the mini-pumper & grass fire truck were housed in a new garage at the back of the property. The training facility was in full operation during the entire construction period. The dedication ceremony was held on April 23, 2017.

Picture by Ponderosa FD member Joe Buvid